Fee Revisions Effective as of 6/1/2014

Savings Account Fees

Dormant Fee $10.00 monthly; inactive accounts for 2 years

Excessive Withdrawal Fee

$3.00 per withdrawal after 6 withdrawals

Checking Account Fees

Monthly Fee

$3.50; balances below $100

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Fee

Overdraft Paid Fee $28.00

Continuous Overdraft Fee

$25.00 per 10 days

Stop Payment Fee

Reconciliation Charge $20.00 per hour; min 1 hour

Check Copy Fee


Overdraft Protection Transfer (Savings or Loan)

$3.00 per transfer

ATM/Debit Card Fees

Debit Card Application Fee $5.00
Debit Card Renewal Fee $5.00

Card Replacement Fee

$10.00 per card
Debit Card PIN Replacement $5.00

Debit Card Abuse Fee


Other Fees

Membership Fee

Membership Reopening Fee $15.00

Copy of Statement/Interim Statement


Wire Transfer (outgoing)

International Wire Transfer $50.00
Deposited Check returned unpaid $15.00
Bad Address Fee $10.00
Account Research Fee $20.00 per hour
Forwarding Mail Notice  $2.00
Verification of Deposit Fee  $3.00
Stop Payment on Credit Union Check $10.00
Official Check Purchase $5.00
Garnishment/Levy Processing Fee $35.00
Long Distance Fax $1.00/page 
We may charge a check cashing fee of up to $40.00