CU News and Updates







You asked for it and we delivered!  We now offer extended warranties

for your automobile.  You may purchase an extended warranty even if your automobile is not financed anywhere. 


Call to obtain a quote today!

We will need your VIN #, mileage, and special options on your automobile.






We have added a new service called Shared Branching.  This service  allows you to go to other credit unions which are located throughout the nation and transact business on your Mississippi Public Employees account.  There are over 5000 locations to choose from (53 locations in Mississippi).  It's like your credit union will have branch locations! Call for details or click here for listing of participating credit union loctaions.




We are now offering GAP Protection.  All new and existing loans that have an automobile, boat, RV, etc held as collateral will qualify.


What does GAP Protection do for you?  If the collateral is stolen or totaled in a wreck your insurance usually will not pay the loan in full.  GAP will pay the difference so you will not have any out of pocket expense PLUS they will pay up to $500 toward your deductible and $1,000 for you to use to replace that item; provided you finance with the CU.


What are you waiting for?  Call the loan department today to add this coverage!